Oh, the horror! The horror! The world has ended and no one but Sharon Needles has style to die for! 

Here, by popular demand (and the mad skills of my fiber-working hands), is Sharon Stitches — a crocheted version of Sharon Needles’ (in)famous drag lewk featured in the “RuPocalypse Now” episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 4. 

A lot of blood, sweat, and glitter went into her creation, so I’m offering a very limited number: six. 

I gifted the original Sharon Stitches to the one and only Sharon Needles, so there will only ever be seven of these ghoulishly glam reincarnations. 

I chose the number seven because it is both an odd number and a prime number — you could say it’s primarily odd, a characteristic I admire so much in Sharon Needles.

Height: 19″ / 23 cm
Width: 6″ / 15 cm
Depth: 3″ / 7.5 cm
Materials: Acrylic yarn (what else could survive an apocalypse? ;-); aluminum wire; cotton yarn, felt, fiberfill, and fabric paint.